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During my time in the Indian Army, US Navy, blogger, entrepreneur, and author, I spent my time painting pieces that brought joy to my friends and family. As a professional multimedia artist, I work with different mediums like acrylic, oils, watercolors and ink. I love to create beautiful art, doing art is like meditation for me. I want now to be able to bring these paintings to everyone and anyone across the world. These paintings have now brought joy for decades.

Whether it’s a housewarming gift or a custom-made birthday gift, or just gifts to friends and family on different occasions. All my paintings are made love from the northern suburb of Chicago

Captain Preeti Gupta


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Oil Paintings

My speciality is painting recreations or custom oil paintings for Indian heritage.
This is an example of the Beautiful Gita Updesh By Shri Krishna.

Mandala Art

For small spaces, we find mandala art brings out brightness in the area. It is known as therapeutic art that loosens the mood in environments such as your study or room.

Household Goods

With both Indian Heritage art or Mandala art, you can have these around your household from everything from coasters to soap dispensors.

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