Bringing joy to the space.

The Centerpiece

When you walk into a room, the art influences your mood. Your eyes get fixated to understand the larger meaning behind what you are seeing. Let’s take a look at this Centerpiece. It is a contemporary oil painting that will be a conversation for any dinner party, movie night or wine night.

Preeti Gupta


For you

Your Room

Not all paintings are to impress your friends. Your residence is where you spend a majority of your time. You want to smile as you go through it. You are your own interior designer. Paintings bring meaning to your space. The Painting on the right shows Shri Krishna, the God of Compassion, Tenderness, and Love. 

Beautiful Mandala with Calming Color

Hand Painted Glass Bottle

Art in different forms

Hand-painted beautiful glass bottles. They make beautiful showpieces.

There are many different parts of specialty art. It also has different mediums. It’s often in the shape of ordinary objects like soap, coasters, gardening containers, or wine bottles. Feel free to share where you’d like a piece of art, and I’ll share options!

For people who love nature.


Some paintings bring memories back of places or some have a special place in your heart.  It brings joy to you and brings meaning to your space. The Painting on the right is an example of it. The customer wanted something to remind her of Karela,  India’s beautiful place, and her family history of fishermen.

Beautiful Karela
Beautiful Mandala with Calming Color

Speciality Art

I know absolutely different types of art that have a different impact on those that view it.  On the left-hand side, you can see Mandala art. Focusing on Mandala art allows you to reach a stable mind during meditation or a space that pushes for peace.

Available for your Space.


Custom Paintings

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